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This is a real Pizza Hut, unfortunately

I  frequent the Pizza Hut in town. Tonight was the worst. Half the place was shut down. Chairs stacked on tables. It was only 8pm. We saw that most of the unoccupied tables on the other side were dirty. Dishes and glasses just sitting there. There was one waitress,Tiffany who seemed to be doing most of the work. By that I mean. Taking orders,cleaning tables, apologizing too. It took almost 45 minutes for our pizza. In the mean time we noticed, my son and I,that several of the workers were in the back just walking around, in a daze. The cook was very busy and with no one helping we could see. There was a girl in back doing almost nothing. One employee was doing dishes and makeing sure the salad bar was kept up. Mean while one waitress named Melonie, was leaning on a broom she hardly used in the closed area. Looking at the dirty tables and not doing a thing about it. Tiffany kept up her fast pace, trying to keep everyone happy. Most of the employees seem to do nothing but meander around the back and by the register. One boy didn't even know how to use the register it seems, and he called another girl out.  We finally got our pizza 45 minutes later. It was good and hot. We watched 9 teens walk in and Melonie must have known them. At urging from Tiffany, they put several tables together in the closed section. These teens were very noisy and obnoxious. Melonie waited on them. Getting their drink orders.And chatting with them. At one point, she took out her cell phone. Laid it on the wall between tables. And she laid her head down on the phone while taking their orders at the table. I don't know what's wrong with people these days. I can't believe that a place can be run this way and make a profit. It certainly can't be coming from this Pizza Hut. By the way I tried to leave a message on their web site to tell them what a horrible place it was. YOU CAN'T. Have to write them or call.. sooooo I"m gonna call.. just wanted people to know what a lousy place this pizza hut is.. 

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